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Supplier of Wholesale Wine in New Hampshire

If you are looking for wholesale wine in New Hampshire for your restaurant or liquor store, contact Rolivia, Inc. a US wine importer and distributor of fine Italian wines. Rolivia is a premier supplier of wholesale wines and we have distributors throughout the US including New Hampshire. The wine selection that you offer at your business or restaurant is important, and having a trusted wine wholesaler is vital to achieve your goals. Rolivia offers a vast selection of wines imported from Italy including the exclusive line of Sensi wines. Contact us today to learn more about our wines and our distributors. Call (978) 681-5710.

Extensive Selection and High-Quality Wholesale Wine in New Hampshire

One of the main benefits of investing in wholesale wine in New Hampshire is the selection and quality of wine you receive. The selection of wine is very important to Rolivia, and we import an extensive wine list to choose from. We are an exclusive distributor of Sensi in the United States while carrying incredible wines and spirits from France, Argentina, and Italy of course.

Another benefit of wholesale wine is the insurance of product integrity. Rolivia only brings in high-quality products for our customers. These products are pure and authentic. We wouldn’t serve knock-off wines, nor would you purchase anything less than perfect. Rolivia carries an impressive stock of international wines and spirits that your customers will enjoy!

Wine Wholesalers – What to Look For in Wholesale Wine in New Hampshire

When purchasing wholesale wine in New Hampshire, there are certain things to look for in order to ensure you are making the right choice:


The varieties of wine available for purchase is a big factor when choosing a wholesaler. Your business needs to offer different wines to customers, which means your wholesaler should have various wines to order. When you chose to change your wine selection, your wholesaler should be able to keep up with your tastes.


When searching for wholesale wine in New Hampshire, you need to consider the reputation of the wholesaler itself. If the company has a weak selection, or they are late on delivery, that wholesaler may not be right for you. Rolivia has been in business since 1998, and for many years has been at the forefront of beverage distribution in Massachusetts.


The most important facet to purchasing wholesale wine in New Hampshire is the quality of the product: the region the wine came from, the ingredients, and the vineyard. When looking into the quality of the product, your wholesaler’s knowledge base will be invaluable. Knowledge of the product is another mark of quality. Be sure to ask questions pertaining to the wines on the wholesaler’s list. Rolivia employs people with a depth of knowledge regarding the various wines we carry, so you can feel confident about your final wine selection.

Rolivia – Distributor of Wholesale Wine in New Hampshire

If your business is searching for a wine wholesaler in New Hampshire, Rolivia is a great fit. We have the supply to meet your needs and the desire to share our passion and knowledge of fine wine with you. Contact us today to learn more about our wines and our distributors. Call (978) 681-5710.

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