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Restaurateurs and liquor store owners are constantly looking for great additions to their wine & spirit selections. Having a top wine list means more discerning customers and better pairings for main courses. Top shelf wines add character to any liquor store or restaurant, no matter the size. Choosing a wine company Boston MA can be difficult, however, Rolivia, Inc. is a quality wine importer and distributor that services Boston, MA, and surrounding towns. With years of experience satiating the palates of wine loving Bostonians, Rolivia will add the missing piece to your wine selection. Contact Rolivia to find out more about our wines and our local wine distributors.

Why Use a Wine Company Boston MA?

Wine companies have a very important job to accomplish – no matter where they’re located. Cities around the United States need wine companies to help satisfy the needs of their wine enthusiasts. Whether it’s in New York, California, or Boston MA, a wine company is a brand ambassador.

A wine company in Boston MA will have the honor of distributing certain wines to restaurants and liquor businesses throughout the city. This distribution is important – not just for the businesses, but for the wine consuming public. Wine companies that are showcasing specific brands are carrying the mantle for those brands in Boston. It’s their duty to show customers just how wonderful that brand of wine can be. Using a wine company in Boston MA means you are tapping into that brand power and the traditions held by that winery.

The Importance of a Solid Wine Portfolio

One of the benefits of purchasing from a wine company is having access to their portfolio. For these companies, having a well-rounded portfolio is important. With a solid portfolio, restaurants are able to choose exactly what they’ll need to ensure their menu items are well represented while potentially showing a customer something new. Ideally, this creates a new customer for the wine company, as that restaurant goer will look for the company’s wine at their local liquor store.

Rolivia’s portfolio demonstrates an understanding of what kinds of wines are desired in Boston. Our shelves are well stocked with various wines from Italy, Europe and South America. Our Italian wines are especially popular, as we carry wines from around the country: Sensi from Tuscany, DiGregorio from Sicily, and Villa Cornaro from Veneto are just a sample of the vineyards and high quality wines they provide.

Wine Company Boston MA Providing Wines & Spirits from around the Globe

Our business model is simple: we want to bring the best wines available to the wine connoisseurs of Boston. At Rolivia, we have been successfully doing so since 1998. Our products can be found across New England, on various wine lists, and in many different liquor stores. Our business works because our customers love what we do for them. Having a trusted wine company in Boston MA makes their lives much simpler, and we love supplying their customers with amazing wines from around the world. If you are looking for a wine company in Boston MA to work with, Rolivia is the one for you.

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