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If you search for wine distributors Ohio you will discover Rolvia, Inc. a US wine importer and distributor of fine Italian wines and an exclusive wine distributor of Sensi wines.

With many different wine distributors Ohio to choose from, people can often get caught up in the name of the company. There are many distributors in Ohio that boast a large brand. They can often get a lion’s share of the work for that reason. But despite having a big name, they lack one crucial element: character and personality.

When choosing a Ohio wine distributor, your business deserves to work with a top notch company. A company that knows its wares inside and out, without any pomp and dryness that can come with larger distributors. Rolivia is the perfect fit for your business, with the variety you need and the personal touch you desire.

Knowledge and Selection: The Qualities of Great Wine Distributors Ohio

Having a well-stocked wine cellar at your restaurant or specialty store means that you will need a proper distributor. When choosing your distributor, you need to go with one that can meet your needs every time. There are two things that you should look for in a quality wine distributor in Ohio.


A benefit of hiring a wine distributor in Ohio is having a second opinion on your wine selection. Depending on the season, the menu, or the occasion, you may wish to adjust your wine list. You know your wines, but it’s always nice to ask another person about the upcoming changes.

With larger distributors, you can run into issues with lack of knowledge. While no distributor is uninformed, the larger ones can be less knowledgeable than a smaller entity like Rolivia. Our employees understand what Ohio wine distributors need to know. Our clients always appreciate our advice when it comes to what’s in season and what would work with certain restaurants.

We also understand that keeping up with our stock is important. The last thing you want in a Ohio wine distributor is for them to run out of your favorite table wine. Rolivia keeps a close eye on its stock to ensure we can always fill an order.


Far too often, restaurants will settle on a distributor because of a certain set of wines that are available right away. Soon afterwards that restaurant may desire a shift in selection. Unfortunately, the company they’ve signed on with only has a certain set of wines to choose from, leaving the restaurant no choice but to hang in with the selection they’ve got.

At Rolivia, we believe in choice for the customer. That’s why we have a vast array of vineyards for our clients to choose from. One of our specialties is Sensi, who carry a great selection of Tuscan wines, sparkling wines, and Collezione wines that are sure to make your clientele very happy.

Become a Wine Distributor! Contact Rolivia, Inc. Today

Rolivia is a quality wine distributor with distribtors throughout Ohio. We are always looking for more distributors to help out our business. It’s important that we deliver our product with the same care and attention every time. Customers across Ohio expect that from Rolivia. Contact our office if you are interested in becoming one of Rolivia’s wine distributors Ohio.

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