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Wine Importers Connecticut

If you search for wine importers Connecticut, you will find Rolivia, Inc. a US wine importer that has local wine distributors throughout Connecticut. For many specialty stores and restaurants in Connecticut, wine importers are very important. These importers ensure that the customers of those stores and restaurants get what they’re after every time they enter the store. If that particular item happens to be high-quality Italian wine, those stores look to Rolivia.

Rolivia has been importing and supplying wine to Connecticut for nearly 20 years. Our attention to detail is evident in our impressive cellar and our rapport with our customers.

What Is Wine Importer Connecticut?

The distinction between importers and distributors can be a little muddy. Aren’t they one in the same? Not true. Wine importers in Connecticut and distributors have differing levels within the hierarchy of wine sales. The distributors are in the second tier, as they act as the “middle-man” between the winery itself and the retailer. Wine importers in Connecticut are at the top of the hierarchy. The importer represents the winery in Connecticut. For this reason, they hold a lot of power within the wine community. They are nearly as important as the winemakers themselves, as they are the gatekeeper for that wine’s trajectory in Connecticut.

Rolivia – A Top Wine Importer Connecticut of Award Winning Wines

There are many wine importers in Connecticut, but Rolivia stands out among the rest for certain reasons.

Unparallelled Choice for wine importers Connecticut

When your business is looking for a certain brand of Italian wine to serve your customers, Rolivia has an excellent selection from which to choose. We are proud to carry wines from Spain, Argentina, France, and Italy. Our vintages and brands are top of the heap as well. Villa Cornaro, Il Portone, and Cherri d’Acquaviva are just a sample of our list.

Rolivia is also proud to be an exclusive distributor and importer of Sensi to the United States. Sensi offers various Tuscan varietals as well as an impressive amount of Collezione wines. When searching for wine importers in Connecticut, you want a great variety. Rolivia has the variety you’re looking for.

Remarkable Prestige

Wine importers in Connecticut come in all sizes, but Rolivia has a certain stature that sets it apart. Along with having exclusive distribution of Sensi wines, our company casts a wide net when it comes to distribution in New England. Through hard work, Rolivia has the honor of filling various wine lists and store shelves across Connecticut. Having a wide market gives a positive impression to prospective customers. We try to keep our clients happy with our wines on hand, and we have been successful thus far.

Work with the Best Wine Importers Connecticut – Rolivia, Inc.

Wine importers play an important role in Connecticut. They have an obligation to ensure that people in Connecticut are able to experience the wonders of their imports. With Rolivia, customers are able to enjoy a great selection of wines from the Old World. Our reputation is second to none as Connecticut wine importers. Our company understands what you need for your wine cellar or wine section. Let Rolivia’s expertise in wine imports help your business.

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